Our Services

About Us
Center for Community was incorporated as a non-profit in 1979, by a group of Sitka parents. CFC received its first respite grant in 1980 and its first Infant Learning grant in 1981, both of which served Sitka and the villages of Kake and Angoon. CFC has expanded over the three decades to meet other needs for support of independent living throughout much of Southeast Alaska, and the Anchorage area–including services for persons with developmental disabilities, for adults or seniors with physical disabilities, for families on public assistance looking for employment, and in Sitka, persons needing public transit services.

The Center for Community offers the following core services which lend themselves to the overall mission:

1. Services to Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

2. Services to Seniors, Elders, and Persons with Physical Disabilities

3. Infant Learning Services for 0-36 months

4. Employment Enhancement Services for Needy Families on Public Assistance

5. Sitka Public Transit via The Community Ride and Care-a-Van

6. LIFELINE (Phillips) Personal Medical Alert System.

Success Story

A middle-aged client with developmental disabilities lives in the home his parents left to him before they died.  CFC has assisted him for over 20 years to live independently, helping him with grocery shopping and household upkeep, medical appointments, problem solving, and maagement of his daily medications.  He enjoys his part-time job working with children and elders in town.  He and his extended family know that CFC is there for him when he needs us.

Beneficiaries Served in 2012

Infant Learning 65
Personal Care 199
Community Services DD 22
Medicaid Waiver Services 110 DD, CCMC, Older Alaskan, Adults with Physical Disabilities
Senior In Home Services 78
Employment Enhancement 278 (Wellfare to Work Services)
Public Transit 900